‘2 Cute 2 be Str8’ by Bernhard Willhelm, LA Spring 2016

Posted on October 5, 2015 by Cecilia Musmeci

Inspired by the symbolic meaning of bananas, Bernhard Willhem spices up the story of Adam and Eve with provocative irony. The German designer imagines the pair standing beneath a banana tree, while Adam pours toffee sauce all over Eve to seduce her. Iconic and ironic, Willhem’s take on the biblical myth serves as a starting point for the Spring Summer 2016 collection, which expresses the designer’s commentary on the present and future state of humanity. Together with other visual clues such as the Racket-Tailed Drongo bird, the banana plays a major role in the collection, by inspiring the construction of patterns, as well as the prints and embellishments. Sculpturally curved hats and bracelets recall the shape of the suspiciously sexual fruit, and several pieces feature visual traits from garments traditionally worn by banana plantation workers – styled with playful attitude. Overcoming any gender distinctions, Bernhard Willhelm keeps on challenging traditional fashion staples, while fearlessly pursuing his extraordinary quest for utopia.

Photography by Nick Haymes